excerpt from the book

talk 1: lessons of the ocean

Some people think of peace as being weak or passive. But that’s not correct. Peace is strong. It is like the ocean which is able to remain calm at its depths even when there are storms on the surface. When a storm occurs, the ocean may be rough on the surface with waves that are 30-feet high, but if you go much farther below, it’s calm and consistent and not impacted at all by what is happening above.

No matter what happens on the surface of your life, maintaining that deep calm is so important. If you have a shallow perspective when stressful situations occur, you will feel as if you’re being tossed by the ocean’s waves as your emotions go up and down. How many times do you try not to get upset? You think, “Don’t do it, don’t do it,” but you still do. Or you might not even think about it and just automatically have a negative response. When you’re stressed, you feel tense and tight and your breathing becomes faster. Stress blocks the flow of energy and can make you feel overwhelmed. If your mind is like the ocean’s surface with 30-foot waves going all the time, you feel out of control.

Peace is not only strong, it is big and expansive enough to accommodate all. That’s the power it has. It’s like the ocean. When we look at the ocean, it’s so big that we can’t even see how far it goes. It’s vast and therefore able to provide a home for diverse sea life and is a destination for the many rivers that flow into it. Expansion of energy in our daily lives makes it easier to work with any type of person or situation. We are no longer disturbed by others even if their energy is rough. In time, we willingly accommodate others, creating a more peaceful environment for them and ourselves.

In order to bring about peace, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary. You are a true peacemaker when you use your daily life to express harmony and love. Expanding your energy to make the best of each moment helps you to become more peaceful day by day. Other people start to naturally fit into your world. You have the capacity to create a smooth energy exchange, touching the hearts of others, and providing hope and encouragement. Without even realizing it, you have an influence on your family and friends, your workplace and your community, and ultimately the world. Like the ocean, your vast energy is strong, helping you create a calm and peaceful life that is truly enjoyable, and each new experience only adds to your fulfillment and growth.